Meet the Sheep

I have a few sheep I am raising for wool and to produce some adorable Valais Blacknose cross sheep.


The Leader

Poppy is almost purebred Finnsheep. She was supposed to help with the breed-up program and then move on, but she is such a sweetheart I decided to keep her. She is the best at getting the flock out to pasture when they are feeling lazy at the barn and has the most wonderful lambs


The Red Head

Molly is 25% Valais Blacknose, 25% Finnsheep, 50% Babydoll. She has red markings where she should have black but they are all in the right places. She is sweet and very short so hopefully she will pass on her size to her lambs.


The Black Sheep

Andromeda is 25% Valais Blacknose, 25% Finnsheep , 50% Babydoll. She was rejected by her mother at birth so she was hand raised and is an absolute love. She is a little taller but has nice wool and a fabulous personality!

Madame Hooch

The Scardey Cat

Hooch is 25% Valais Blacknose, 75% Finnsheep. She is more frightened than her friends, her mother was nervous with people. I am hoping she will settle with time and become as loving as all her flockmates are. She has great potential to be a wonderful mother.


The Sire

Ramsey is 75% Valais Blacknose Sheep and 25% Finnsheep. I can use him to breed my 25% sheep up to 50% sheep and continue to produce adorable babies! This guy is large but an absolute marshmallow. He has gorgeous wool and should produce some nice lambs.


The New Guy

Knoxis 75% Valais Blacknose Sheep and 25% Lincoln/Gotland. He is known as a spitti as his coloration is more wide-spread. He will be added to the breeding program to either breed higher percentage lambs or produce lambs that can then be crossed together with Ramsey’s babies.

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived

Harry is a 50% Finnsheep and 50% Coopworth wether. He was born as a set of quadruplets who were unfortunately too premature at birth. All of his siblings died and his mom died due to complications with the delivery. He was so small his eyes weren’t even open yet. Now he is fat and sassy, he produces wonderful wool and is a very sweet boy.

Gilderoy Lockhart

The looker

Lockhart is 25% Valais Blacknose, 25% Finnsheep, 50% Babydoll. This guy was too cute to let go! He got all the right markings and even has a heart on his shoulder. He is an absolute sweetheart who loves hugs and kisses. He was neutered to be a buddy for rams or lambs.

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