Meet the Goats

I have a small herd of breeding goats which allows me to give personal attention to each animal and their kids.


Herd queen

Penelope was born weak and became chilled as a baby. She was bottle raised in the house and has become very attached to her human friends. She loves attention and is always up for lap time. She can be quite the bully to the sheep and demands her space at the feeder.


Second in command

Madeline was born into a set of triplets. I chose to hand raise her to give her mom a break and allow her to grow up with Penelope. This girl has an independent streak but still loves getting pets and cookies. She is tall and leggy with a lovely udder making her a good candidate for milking.


The Big Guy

Conan is my herd sire. He is a rare color variation of the San Clemente Island Goat and I am excited to see his kids. He is good teat placement and should produce goats that are perfect for milking. He lost an eye after becoming sick when he arrived but is strong and healthy now.

Honorable Mention


Special Little Girl

Phoenix came to me at a week old with brain damage from oxygen deprivation at birth. She couldn’t sit up or walk and struggled to eat. With time she learned how to walk and eventually jump and play with the other goats. Her social skills are a little poor but otherwise she is a normal happy goat.

Samwise Gamgee

The Babysitter

Sam is a very sweet Nigerian Dwarf wether who can keep anyone company. He can be a bit bossy and doesn’t put up with much from the boys. This little guy can hold his own.

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